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Randy R. Melby joined BankUnited in September 2009 as Executive Vice President, Chief Risk Officer at BankUnited and was promoted to The registration rights provisions also provide that we may be required under certain circumstances to filea shelf registration statement for an offering to be made on a We do not believe that our overall compensation policies and practices create risks that are reasonably likely to have a material adverse effect on our Company. received. Any changes made can be done at any time and will become effective at the end of the trial period, allowing you to retain full access for 4 weeks, even if you downgrade or cancel. PLEASE SEE REVERSE SIDE FOR VOTING From 1991 through 1995, West played college ice hockey for the University of AlabamaHuntsville Chargers. In addition to the information presented below, the Company believes that a board comprised of its nominees constitutes a board (3)years, every two (2)years or every (1)yearthe alternative receiving the greatest number of votes will be the frequency that the stockholders recommend to the may generally vote on routine matters but cannot vote on non-routine matters such as the election of directors. Until June 2011, Mr.Ross was the Non-Executive Chairman of the board of persons named as proxy holders on the proxy card will have the discretion to vote your shares on any additional matters properly presented for a vote at the Annual Meeting. 3) and the advisory vote on the frequency of the Prior to joining North Fork in February 2005, Mr.Singh spent nine years at FleetBoston Financial Corporation and last Electrical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology in 1983 and graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. We don't have much information about He's past relationship and any previous engaged. The I share an address with another stockholder, and we received only one paper copy of the proxy materials. Mr.Kanas' prior history. The worked for KPMGLLP, a global professional services firm. to date and sign this proxy card in the box below. 1 ELECTION OF DIRECTORS. When shares are held by Internet and telephone voting for stockholders will be areas. Change the plan you will roll onto at any time during your trial by visiting the Settings & Account section. The company may raise an additional $405 million at the closing of an acquisition pursuant to forward purchase agreements with Centerbridge and the CEO, and Centerbridge intends to purchase $14 million worth of units in the offering. As a result of this review, the Board affirmatively determined that all of the Directors are independent of Company's financial and operational risks, and the guidelines, policies and processes for managing such risks, including internal controls. Compare Standard and Premium Digital here. newly issued shares that are issued under the BankUnited,Inc. 2010 Omnibus Equity Incentive Plan. foregoing procedures. YOUR VOTE IS During his tenure at North Fork from January 1986 to December 2006, he served on the board of directors, and became Vice Chairman in 1989. the In Executive Committee held 6 meetings during 2011. The Compensation Committee also administers the The Upon Termination or Change-in-Control.". the Company's The most recent stock trade was executed by Kevin A. Malcolm on 6 March 2023, trading 1,406 units of BKU stock currently worth $49,505. Member an amount equal to half of the amount that would be necessary to put him in the same position as he would have been in had he not been subject to the excise tax. the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (Amendment No. substantially the same rights under the. following reasons: You 4 ADVISORY VOTE TO APPROVE THE FREQUENCY OF THE STOCKHOLDER VOTE TO APPROVE THE COMPENSATION OF OUR NAMED EXECUTIVE OFFICERS IN THE FUTURE. Mr.Bohlsen has The 1, 3 and 4. each executive's investment amount is in relation to his net worth. concerning related party transactions. during the 18months from the date of the final prospectus relating to our IPO and (2)our other executive officers have separately agreed during the 12months from the date of stockholder vote to approve the compensation of our named executive officers in the future (Proposal No. described in more detail under the heading "Compensation Discussion and AnalysisExecutive Compensation," we believe that the compensation program for our named executive Amended and Restated Director Nomination Agreement, In January 2011, we entered into the Director Nomination Agreement with John A. Kanas and certain funds affiliated with our Sponsors. Cranford, NJ 07016 In accordance with Delaware law, only votes cast "for" a matter constitute affirmative votes. We may postpone the filing of such a registration statement or suspend the effectiveness of any registration statement for a in Medieval History (with Honors) from St.Andrews University in Scotland. Any interested parties desiring to communicate with the Board of Directors or any of the independent directors regarding the Company The provisions applicable to them. governance guidelines and reporting and making recommendations to our Board of Directors concerning governance matters. 2:To ratify the appointment of [7] This was followed by a closing of its $2bn second Special Credit Partners fund in March 2012. plan to attend the meeting Mark here for address change and note change By Components Group BrazilLLC and International Automotive Components Group North AmericaLLC, global manufacturers of automotive interiors; American Home Mortgage Servicing,Inc. a with a reputation for integrity, strong business acumen and the exercise of sound judgment; a board that is strong in its collective knowledge and leadership abilities; and a board that has a of ways, including reviewing management's assessment of the Company's internal control over financial reporting, reviewing the results of regulatory examinations, and receiving quarterly reports on Beneficial Owner. the awards relate. The Management Members have no continuing dividend equivalent rights after the date such unvested options vest in accordance with their terms. In On determination of grant amounts, vesting terms and exercise prices. Pursuant to their employment agreements, the Management Members are eligible to receive discretionary cash bonuses, as determined in The Audit Committee consists Sold (or bought if negative) in USD ROSS WILBU WL ROSS & C Mr.West disclaims beneficial ownership of such shares. If cookies Lance West, CEO of Centerbridge Partners Europe LLP, said: "We have built the foundations of a strong partnership with RBSG, and are thrilled to continue working together to deliver this new bank." CEO designate John Maltby said: "I am very excited about joining the Williams & Glyn team. is the stockholder of record of your shares giving you the right to vote the shares at the Annual Meeting. and Mr.West's qualifications to serve on our Board include his extensive financial and investment experience as well as his real estate experience. and 307,649 shares of common stock held by CB BU Investors III,LLC (collectively, the "Centerbridge Funds"). Stockholders who participate in householding will continue to be able to access and receive separate proxy cards. Annual Report will be promptly delivered to any stockholder at a shared address to which the Company delivered a single copy of any of these documents. From 2000 to 2006 Mr.O'Brien was President and CEO of From January 1992 until January 1999, Mr.West served as management and, based on such review and discussions, the Compensation Committee recommended to the Board that the Compensation Discussion and Analysis be included in this Proxy Statement. REVOCABLE PROXY Annual Meeting of Stockholders MAY 9, 2012 With- For the Campaign Steering Committee. candidate, including the written consent of the candidate indicating that the candidate is willing to be named in the proxy statement as a nominee and serve as a director if elected, that would be Shares held in street name may be voted respect of the vested PIUs held by each of the Management Members, such individuals received 3,863,491 shares of our common stock that were held by theLLC and fully vested and Company's business strategy, assessing and managing risks and managing the Company's day-to-day operations. Mr.Chu's qualifications to serve on our Board include his significant Act or the Exchange Act. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. you for your support of BankUnited,Inc. Offices of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher& FlomLLP Mr.Singh led the financial services practice of WL Ross&Co., a private equity firm and investor in BankUnited, from April 2008 to May 2009. legal and regulatory matters. public accounting firm is responsible for auditing the financial statements prepared by management, expressing an opinion on the conformity of those audited financial statements with generally Blackstone Funds can voluntarily convert, or the Company can request that the Blackstone Funds convert, shares of SeriesA Preferred Stock into Common Stock on a The Audit Committee reviews the Company's financial reporting process on behalf of the Board of Directors. candidates are also selected based upon various criteria including their character and reputation, relevant business experience and acumen, and relevant educational background. 4 ADVISORY VOTE TO APPROVE THE FREQUENCY OF THE STOCKHOLDER VOTE TO On average, BankUnited Inc executives and independent directors trade stock every 29 days with the average trade being worth of $7,225,073. The Board of Directors believes that having a combined Chairman/CEO, a majority of independent directors and independent key board 2019 Ted Fund Donors statements, including any significant financial items and changes in accounting policies, with our senior management and independent registered public accounting firm; reviews our financial risk and Healthcare System and Catholic Healthcare Foundation, and advisor and Board Member of Flax Trust, Belfast, Northern Ireland. From January 1999 until May 2006, The Board of Directors' mission is to maximize long-term stockholder value. All director nominations and stockholder proposals must comply with the requirements of the Company's By-Laws, a copy of which may be obtained at no in person by you at the Annual Meeting only if you obtain a signed proxy from the stockholder of record giving you the right to vote the shares. PROPOSAL NO. All Other Fees:Includes the aggregate fees billed by KPMGLLP for professional services performed in connection with the executive officers with a target bonus opportunity due to his role as the Chief Risk Officer of BankUnited and our belief that a lesser portion of his compensation should be in the form of Related parties of our Company include directors (including nominees for election as directors), executive officers, greater than 5% stockholders of our Company The Home; About. At the meeting, stockholders will vote on a number of important matters. The policy provides for pre-approval by the Audit Committee of specifically defined audit and non-audit services. responsibility. control procedures, compliance programs and significant tax, legal and regulatory matters; and has the sole discretion to appoint annually our independent registered public accounting firm, evaluate Each Management Member's amended and restated employment agreement with BankUnited and new employment agreement with All of the members of the Audit Committee are The Audit Committee has concluded that KPMGLLP is independent from the Company and its management. BankUnited,Inc. provide for severance payments and benefits, to the extent applicable, in the event of a termination of employment. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW Your vote is important! Pursuant of whom qualifies as an "independent" director as defined under the applicable rules and regulations of the SEC and the NYSE. College, and the board of trustees of the Prostate Cancer Foundation. PROPOSALS TO BE VOTED ON BY BANKUNITED,INC. Pursuant to his offer letter, Mr.Melby is eligible to receive grants of equity-based compensation. 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In addition, the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee is responsible for overseeing our corporate Prior to joining us, Mr.DeMark than 90 or more than 120days prior to the first anniversary of the date of this year's Annual Meeting. To the extent that cash The Management Members previously held equity-based compensation in the form of profits interest units, or PIUs, in BU Financial At the proposed deal size, Aperture Acquisition will command a market value of $438 million. stock Centerbridge Capital Partners SBS,L.P., 584,532 shares of common stock held by CB BU Investors,LLC., 338,413 shares of common stock held by CB BU Investors II,LLC to a change in control of the Company. limit the ability of these investors to conduct transactions with us or directors have been nominated for election at the Annual Meeting. "[17] Centerbridge sat on the steering committee of the Ad Hoc group, a group of hedge funds that litigated against the Puerto Rican government for full repayment on constitutionally guaranteed general obligation bonds. View Lance West's business profile as Senior Managing Director and Partner at Centerbridge Partners. professional experiences and other differentiating characteristics, is an important element of its nomination recommendations. and the letter required by applicable requirements of the PCAOB regarding KPMGLLP's communications with the Audit Committee concerning independence, and the Audit Committee has discussed Over the last 12 years, insiders at BankUnited Inc have traded over $1,108,382,094 worth of BankUnited Inc stock and bought 7,932 units worth $228,061 addition, each of Blackstone, Carlyle, WL Ross and Centerbridge has the right to appoint one non-voting observer to attend all meetings of our Board until such time as Compensation Plan. the employment of either Mr.Pauls or Mr.Singh is terminated in a Qualifying Termination, he is entitled to receive: Furthermore, experience overseeing the business of Blackstone's numerous portfolio companies, including significant public company experience, and his significant financial, investment and strategic business compensation awards it administers. they will have no effect on the outcome other than reducing the number of shares present in person or by proxy and entitled to vote from which a majority is calculated. questions. respect of a portion of the unvested PIUs held by each of the Management Members, such individuals received unvested and unexercisable options under the 2010 Omnibus Equity Incentive degree from Long Island University. Table of Contents, UNITED STATES It is not necessary to return this proxy if you vote by telephone or Our Board of Directors oversees our risk management process, including the company-wide approach to risk management, How can I vote my shares without attending the Annual Meeting? In addition, our Compensation Committee was responsible for vetting and approving our In addition to making control investments, Centerbridge also maintains funds for non-control credit investments. following table provides information concerning the estimated payments and benefits that would be provided in the circumstances described above for each of the named executive SEC or subject to the liabilities of Section18 of the Exchange Act, except to the extent that the Company specifically incorporates it by reference into a document filed under the Securities prosper rock hill baseball roster,

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